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About Roen 'Blu Riva' Higgins

Roen Higgins is an award-winning Spoken Word Poet, Special Care Counsellor and Impact Coach. Her mission is to Engage, Educate and Elevate others into finding their unique gifts and life skills which she believes are the foundation of well-being and success. From a hyper at-risk youth entangled in the system, to an active community change agent, Roen is a committed educator, coach, speaker, and event producer. She is known to flip words and paint pictures through her diction and uses her-story to help others “Elevate Impact”.  Her community service and creative accomplishments have been recognized by Montreal Community Care Awards, Black Theatre Workshop, and Fonds 1804. In the ring of Improv & slam poetry, she echoes the realities of society yet never leaving the mic without a solution. Dubbed as ‘Blu Riva’ her unique style, ‘flow’ and delivery which has gained her opportunities to perform before different audiences in different time zones. Her present projects are coaching multi-passionate faith-based creatives to get unstuck and tap into their creative potential and releasing a Poetry Project this year.