About Lindsay Nadine Benoît

Lindsay Nadine Benoît has been a Montreal worship leader for many years and is also a singer-songwriter. With a certificate in theology, her greatest desire is to see lives restored to the grace and love of God through gospel music and the message of the Word of God. As part of the Gospelvie Church pastoral support team. Minister L. Nadine Benoît serves through preaching and bringing praise and worship.  She further enjoys helping people in relationship hardships through pastoral counselling. Together with her husband of 20 years, the couple leads the couples ministry, offering regular marriage preparation courses. Her mission is to proclaim the name of God and encourage people so that they can flourish to remain in hope, peace and joy in Jesus Christ. To learn more, visit her FB page, L. Nadine Benoit.

The Shift We Need

in 2020

An IWMN Symposium 

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