About Kettia Massenat,

B.A. Translation, B.A. Education

Raised in a devout Christian home, Kettia Massenat at the age of 12, made a personal decision to also become a follower of Jesus as her Lord. This decision positively impacting all the spheres of her life led Kettia to spend a great part of her youth and her adult life actively   involved in her local church as a Youth Pastor, Sunday school teacher, choir director and summer camp coordinator. Further, Kettia engaged in cross-cultural work with children, teens and adults which took her to Paraguay, Congo, French Polynesia, Haiti and  the Dominican Republic.

Kettia Massenat is a proficient translator and has taught professionally in high schools for over a decade. Music, and teaching being two of her passions, this woman of God is known for her enthusiasm, genuine and warm smile as well as her outspoken boldness. Her utmost desire is to lead a life that will make her Creator smile! Kettia and her husband Jean Wilda Jean-Charles reside with their young son in the greater Montreal area.