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About Kelly Maurice

Kelly holds a master’s degree in pharmacology and worked for 10 years in medical research and clinical laboratories. Although passionate about the sciences, her various ministry involvements over the past fifteen years have led her to reorient her career towards Theological Studies. She is currently completing her thesis on Haitian Protestantism and its impacts on social trust in Haiti. Throughout her studies, she also focused on the impact of Christian faith and practice on the sociopolitical realities of different ethnic groups.


In the past few years, Kelly has developed a passion to empower two marginalized groups: women and minority ethnic groups in Canada. Growing up with fearless women of faith who impacted her and many others, Kelly started to take up that legacy to inspire women who doubt their self-worth. Specifically, she has taught women through bible studies and Sunday school that regardless of who they are God can use them to bring life to others. As for ethnic minorities, through community projects and other activities, Kelly has encouraged some of them to see God’s hand in aspects of their culture and has invited them to celebrate and embrace the beauty of their differences. She hopes to continue to empower those two marginalized groups for the edification of the Church.