About Jasmine Rennie

Gracemade founder Jasmine Rennie is no stranger to the world of fashion - which puts her in the perfect position to impact it for the better.


After discovering a love for fashion and business from a young age, Jasmine decided to pursue a career in the industry and upon graduating high school moved to Los Angeles to attend the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising.

Post-college, Jasmine landed a job with Los Angeles based fashion brand Joyrich and quickly worked her way up to sales manager which allowed her to travel all over the world and work with top brands at fashion week in Paris and New York.

In 2014 Jasmine rededicated her life to her Christian faith, which completely transformed her perspective on fashion, and it’s impact. She began to be personally convicted about the revealing way she had been dressing which was rooted in a desire to feel accepted, valued, and loved. After having that encounter with Jesus, she discovered that her true identity was rooted in Him, and she no longer had to dress provocatively to feel worthy.

This life-changing experience inspired her to quit her secure job and start Gracemade. She wanted to create a company that would be driven by her faith and provide forward, modest options

for women without compromising style. It was also important for her to incorporate an ethical business model after witnessing the amount of waste that goes on in the fashion industry.

Jasmine created Gracemade believing that the concept of dressing modestly and ethically was not just for women of faith, but for all women who desire to send a positive message with what they wear.