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About Donna Nealy, MSc

Donna Nealy is a Holistic Health and Wellness Consultant. She is the Executive Director and Founder of ESTEEM, A Total Transformation and has been in the fitness, health and wellness industry since 2006. A high school athlete, Donna continued her quest for optimal heath throughout marriage and starting a family. She received her Bachelor of Science in Business Administration as an evening degree student and gained weight while staying up late completing assignments and eating to stay awake. During this time she decided to start a health and wellness ministry at her church. Donna decided to pursue her Master of Science in Sport Studies and received her degree. Both degrees were obtained from High Point University, High Point, NC. She is also a Certified Fitness Trainer, Certified Nutrition Consultant, Certified Eating God’s Way consultant, certified life Coach, Ordained Minister, mother of four and grandmother of eight. Her lifelong and company motto is “Love Yourself”. She is dedicated to whole body counseling and helping clients’ reach their nutrition, fitness and overall wellness goals.