About Ali Gee-Lewis

Alexandra is a 25-year old, Wisconsin native and a life-time member of Fountain of Life Covenant Church in Madison, WI.

In 2011 Through bouts of depression God used her lack of direction to propel her toward her calling. In the same year after graduating high school, she spent half of the year in Dominican Republic and Haiti at the "Youth With A Mission: Discipleship Training school". 

During her time there she learned what it meant to have a relationship with God and how to love his people. Little did She know what he would reveal 5 years later...

Fast forward to 2018, while driving down Park Street in Madison, WI the Lord spoke to her and said: "You will preach". She knew at that time that it was God but she didn't want to fully accept his calling for her. His words got shoved to the back of her mind; as she continued to pursue her dream of acting. She thought God's stamp of approval was on something he never called her to, until he interrupted her plans and rerouted her back to Madison.

God took what she thought was her calling and used it to heal and redirect her into the place he knit for her.


Alexandra is at Fountain of Life Covenant Church serving as a 4th generation minister with responsibilities that include leading bible studies for young adult and adult members and holds a current position of Co-founder/director of the Young Adult Ministry "The Source". 


Alexandra also serves the community of Madison as a High School Special Education teacher; and serves as the Podcast Manager for local town activist and artist Lilada Gee, and her podcast "Defending Black Girlhood". 


A few fun facts about Alexandra is that she loves movies, travelling, steak and the TV show The Office.